Twilio IoT - turning the IoT question into a software solution

At Twilio, we believe that IoT should be scalable, secure and simplified to enable all the good IoT ideas out there to stand the best chance of being built and brought to the world.

The Twilio IoT connectivity suite comprises global, secure, resilient connectivity - enabling a single SIM card to installed at point of manufacture to a device and to be shipped to any country and work.

The Twilio device builder portfolio enables you to focus your valuable time and energy on building the innovative and problem solving solution you imagine rather than all the dull, tricky but necessary elements of bringing a device to market.

Our professional services team are at hand to assist you every step along the way and are also able to help to incorporate non-mobile communications into your solution including LoRA, WiFi, Ethernet, Zigbee and other complimentary technologies.

To find out more please feel free to view these resources and if you would like to reach out directly to me to discuss your idea and how we could help please do.

Twilio is a platform API company that has enabled omni-channel customer communications and engagement to thrive - think Lime, Spin, Rently, AirBnB, Uber, Netflex, Spotify, Deliveroo, Starling Bank, Zendesk, Salesforce - the list goes on.
All SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp and Facebook conversations with these companies are powered by Twilio. With all the complexity of communications removed, creatives and innovators are able to focus on their areas of expertise and simply include enterprise grade secure communications globally. By focusing on what they do best, they thrive and grow.

p.s. if this post is too technical in places - please reach out I would love to make it all make sense… :slight_smile:

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Great insight in Twilio’s approach thank you