RE : Help to Build Out The Helium Network in The North West of England

Helium is a peer to peer network designed to power IOT devices. Launched in the US in 2019 and in Europe, there are now over 26,000 Helium devices deployed across the world.

Currently there are over 1,600 devices deployed across the UK and this will increase substantially once back-orders start shipping.

Even though Helium is the faster growing peer to peer network globally, we still need assistance to deploy devices in local towns and cities. If you are interested in getting involved in deploying devices for any IOT initiative, you can contact me and I would be happy to have a call.

For medium to large pilots (25-100) we can provide devices free of charge.

You can contact me for further information at

We are very supportive in helping helium grow with projects, let us know what you would do with a helium connection, we have some projects in northumberland coming up!!

Hi Paul

Many thanks for your message. We are keen to support local IOT initiatives and can provide helium devices free of charge. If you are already using Lorawan devices these can be ported to the helium network using the helium console or you can develop initiatives and deploy sensors etc at a much lower cost by using Helium data credits. Here is a link to the helium console. Use The People's Network